Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant signed the most restrictive abortion ban within the US on Monday, drawing outrage and guarantees of proceedings from abortion rights advocacy organizations.

The invoice, called “The Gestational Age Act,” bans abortion after 15 weeks of being pregnant, just after the start of the second trimester. The regulation includes exceptions to the ban in cases of fetal abnormalities and medical emergencies, such as a chance to the female’s lifestyles or severe risk of bodily impairment, however no longer in cases of rape or incest.

while the invoice was up for a vote, Bryant tweeted his support, pronouncing, “As i have time and again said, I need Mississippi to be the most secure area in america for an unborn baby.”
before this bill, Mississippi already had a ban on abortion after 20 weeks, which sixteen different states do as nicely. while different states have handed even greater restrictive bans via their legislatures — like Ohio, which passed a six-week ban on abortion in 2016 — none have correctly come to be regulation.

“we are protecting more women, we are shielding more children,” Mississippi house Judiciary Committee Chair Andy Gipson told CBS news. “through 15 weeks, you have a toddler in the womb who has a heartbeat, who for all realistic purposes has taken at the form of someone.”

corporations like the middle for Reproductive Rights and the american Civil Liberties Union have been brief to make clean they planned to task the law in courtroom. There it may be blocked temporarily as the agencies and the kingdom litigate its constitutionality.

“it’s going to come to be at the middle of a felony struggle, wasting tens of hundreds of taxpayer bucks in legal costs,” the ACLU of Mississippi stated in a statement Wednesday, after the invoice surpassed the kingdom Senate and become sent back to the residence. “Mississippi can’t have enough money to use your valuable dollars in that manner.”

Senior vice president of the middle for Reproductive Rights Lourdes Rivera called the bill “dangerous and unconstitutional” and said that her agency “is prepared to reply any try and undermine 40 years of excellent court docket precedent with the entire pressure of the regulation.”

for plenty anti–abortion rights advocates and lawmakers, the hope in passing a invoice that they realize can be challenged in courtroom is that it’ll eventually make its manner to the very best courtroom, in which it can have a chance of chipping away at national abortion legal guidelines.

The “Gestational Age Act” is unusual now not best in that it bans abortion so early in being pregnant, however also in the reasoning for that term. laws implementing 20-week bans usually reference the disputed idea that a fetus can begin to experience ache after 20 weeks of gestation. however Mississippi’s new bill is less particular: It cites moral competition to the method of abortion often used inside the 2nd trimester of being pregnant (dilation and evacuation), and claims that abortions after 15 weeks have a greater chance of inflicting damage to the pregnant woman.

“[The] legislature reveals that the intentional dedication of [dilation and evacuation abortions] for nontherapeutic or elective motives is a barbaric practice, dangerous for the maternal patient, and demeaning to the scientific profession,” the bill reads.

consistent with a record from the facilities for disorder manage released in November, handiest about 8% of the abortions done after 14 weeks among 2005 and 2014 took place after 14 weeks. A 2009 Columbia college observe of abortion strategies used by national Abortion Federation members found that the price of scientific complication for an abortion will increase 38% for every additional week of gestation beyond 8 weeks.

Mississippi has lengthy had a number of the most strict abortion legal guidelines in the u . s . a .. The nation has a “trigger law,” which might without delay make abortion completely unlawful inside the nation ought to Roe v. Wade (the constitutional choice that made abortion legal inside the US) be overturned. The country additionally calls for girls seeking abortions to undergo an ultrasound and wait 24 hours among that and having the procedure.

Jackson women’s health employer is the handiest abortion health center left inside the country. Even before this ban was in place, the health facility didn’t provide abortions after sixteen weeks of being pregnant, making the passage of this law in large part symbolic.


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